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100% digital and customisable onboarding for your investors. Allow them to know the status of their investments at any time and manage all the processes with a 360 view

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The challenges that PeakLine solves

Our 360 management tool provides you an integral solution for the management of your investors’ accounts and operations. You will be able to carry out actions such as the acceptance of credentials in documents, accounts and operations validation, identity authentication and the task management within your company’s departments. Digitise your processes with minimum effort.

  • Digital onboarding

    Perform a 100% digital onboarding tailored to your needs to collect information from your investors.

  • Centralised Management

    Centralise all your company's management in a single platform with full traceability in all your internal processes.

  • Access for your investors

    Make it easy for your investors to access to their finantial information, so they know all the details regarding their investments.

PeakLine Finance, your new tool

All of this can be possible thanks to PeakLine Finance, the integral tool for the investor management

Onboarding for your clients

You will have a 100% digital and customisable onboarding process in which you can request the information you need from your future investor. In addition, you will be able to perform online the video-identification of your investors, capture identity documents, digital signature of documentation and even the online payment of the first subscription operation.

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360 management platform

Manage your digital onboarding data in our Middle Office tool and control the status of each of your investors. Within our tools you will be able to validate accounts and profiles, validate identification documents and carry out document verification.

Investors' private area

Offer your investors a private area from which they can manage their profiles, upload the necessary documentation and view orders and trades thanks to the different panels they can access.

área privada de cliente en peakline

Why choose PeakLine?

A 100% customisable, secure and agile onboarding

PeakLine offers you a complete onboarding, where you can not only collect your investors’ data, but you can also guarantee them security with a trusted third party and other equally valuable features.

Biometric video-identification

Offer a fast and accurate identity verification through facial recognition, providing security and reliability in the identification of its users.

Identificacion data capture

Capture relevant data from documents such as ID cards or passports, speeding up and simplifying the identity verification process.

Trusted third party integration

We collect evidence in the signing of electronic contracts, validating their execution and providing legal certainty.

Digital signature

Secure and legally binding solution for signing electronic documents guaranteeing authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation, simplifying processes and saving time in signing documents and contracts.

Payment iniciation

Execute and receive payments in real time with direct bank transfers from any account.

KYC Test

We offer the KYC model and Convenience Test in Finance and Wealth Management to get to know your clients.

More than just a welcome to your clients

Along with onboarding, with PeakLine you will have other functionalities that will make the management of your entity much easier.


Offer your investors a private area where they can manage their operations


Validate your new investors' documentation online, without the need to collect paper documents.


Have a 360-degree view of your new customers, their documentation, the products contracted, the structure of their accounts... etc.


Allow your investors to process and provide their information from anywhere on any size screen.

Digital solution for multiple sectors

PeakLine offers you complete solutions that allow you to manage the entire life cycle of your customer from one place.

Ready to transform your management processes?

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