Digital onboarding for asset managers

onboarding digital para bancos

Why use PeakLine's digital onboarding for asset managers?

Thanks to our management tool you will be able to keep track of the status of each client, reducing the time and cost involved.

Your clients will be able to carry out the membership and contracting process completely online. Save them the paperwork.

Our tool allows you to obtain the image and details of your clients' identity document, easily and securely.

Your clients will be able to check the status of their registration process, while you, as an entity, will also be able to access this data centrally.

Allow your clients to perform their digital onboarding from any device and save their data automatically to continue the process later, if they wish to do so.

Make the payment of the first online subscription, whatever the amount, by SEPA transfer, closing the full cycle of investor adoption.

problemas que soluciona el onboarding digital de PeakLine

What problems does PeakLine's digital onboarding solve?​

Tailor-made development for your company​

At PeakLine we develop your digital onboarding exclusively for you, thanks to our technical and business team who will also be with you throughout the process.

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